How IHSS Assessments Work

IHSS assessments

After you apply for protective supervision or other supportive services for your loved one (the applicant), a county social worker will schedule a home visit to determine the applicant’s need for IHSS. The home visit is an important part of the initial assessment, which forms the basis of the county’s decision to authorize or deny service hours. Counties conduct reassessments annually, although you can request a reassessment at any time.

During the home visit, the county social worker makes observations and gathers information. The social worker assesses the applicant’s physical and mental conditions, living situation, and ability to perform activities of daily living. If the applicant is applying for protective supervision, the social worker asks additional questions related to the applicant’s safety and well-being.

The social worker will also review all relevant documentation you provide. This is a valuable opportunity to support your case for protective supervision or other services, because social workers don’t always have the opportunity to observe the applicant’s dangerous behaviors or service needs during the short home visit, an unfortunate circumstance which can lead to a denial.

How We Help

We help you gather and provide all relevant information and documentation to the county social worker at your initial assessment or reassessment.

We know the eligibility requirements for protective supervision and help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to denials.

We make sure that the county social worker reviews your most relevant and compelling evidence. By presenting your claim for protective supervision or other services in a convincing way at the start of the process, our goal is to help you efficiently secure maximum IHSS hours and avoid the hassle and expense of a denial, appeal, or court review down the road.

Please contact us if you’d like help with your assessment or reassessment.

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How We Help on IHSS Assessments

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